Useful Links & Resources

Please note this is not a comprehensive list of organisations and websites. If you wish to add to the page, please get in touch with us and we can add your contact details to the page.


G/R/T Organisations:
Centre Amalipe ( Bulgaria)
Pavee Point (Ireland)


Organisations that work with G/R/T Community:
Romani Archives and Documentation Center 
European Roma Rights Center (ERRC)
Community Law Partnership (CLP)


Key European Organisations and Campaigns:
DOSTA Compaign (DOSTA)
Decade of Roma Inclusion (Decade)
Union Romani (Link)
European Roma Rights Center (ERRC)
European Roma Information Office (ERIO)
European Roma Travellers Forum (ERTF)
Open Society Foundations (OSF)


Romani Holocaust- The Porrajmos:
US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)– (US)

UNM-Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Dept (US)


Art and Culture Websites:
Daniel Baker- Artist (UK)

Delaine Le Blas- Visual Artist (UK)

Universities Running Projects that work with the G/R/T community:
University of Salford- Roma SOURCE (UK)
University of Salford- Roma MATRIX (UK)
University of Manchester- Romani Linguistics Website (UK)
University of Manchester- MigRom (UK)


ROMACT: Widening Roma Women’s Access to non-formal and informal education
RomUP Successful education experiences among Roma Women
SALEACOM: Overcoming inequalities in schools and learning communities: innovative education for a new century.
imploED: Implementing Outreach, Empowerment and Diversity


Downloadable Learning Material:
Manchester Romani Project CDs & DVDs
EducaROM- Inclusive teaching material for adults- (EducaROM)


International Journal of Romani Studies (IJRS) (Spain)