Tim Neal

Tim Neal is originally from London. He’s been living in Sheffield since 2000 and in Burngreave since 2002. After working at the University of Sheffield for four years, he completed his PhD, a study focused on migration and integration amongst British residents in a rural village in France.

Tim began to make friendships with Roma in 2013 and since then has been actively engaged in many contexts with the community. He has worked on Migration Yorkshire’s Postive Images of Roma project; Sheffield City Council on a Roma community learning project (Sikav So Dzanes); offering ‘training‘ in association with David Kandrac on working with Roma and considers himself a Roma Advocate.

He is honoured to be able to work alongside the group of Roma who are making this initiative possible. It has been clear to him that there was a need for an independent Roma led organisation through which the wide variety of initiatives and needs emerging from the community could be met. Roma Futures offers this potential and he hopes to see it develop in multiple directions.

He is aware of the importance of administrative precision in order for any organisation to grow and flourish. He will draw on his experience with other Charitable organisations to help Roma Futures achieve this.