Terezia Rostas

My name is Terezia Rostas and I was born in Romania. I have 3 sisters and unfortunately, I’ve lost my youngest brother and I’ve only got one brother now.  I was named after my auntie on my father’s side.  I was born in May, a great time of the year and I am a friendly person always looking to help as much as I can. I am an independent person, and used to be more fun, however now, I prefer to be quieter. I guess time and experiences do change us.

I came to England to seek happiness in my life, from all points of view, and, to be honest I have found it, however there‘s always space for more to come !

My family is special to me, because, they’ve always been there for me, and tried to guide me to take the right decisions always.  I have 2 children, 2 boys, and I love them the most.

My wishes for the future? To raise my children in a better world, maintain our Roma traditions and culture and to see my children doing everything for themselves and for the community and family.

Two memorable events in my life are when I gave life to my both children and when  my father used to bring us all sort of things when he was coming home from abroad.

My favourite quote? “An educated women can and will change an entire generation!”