Rosamaria Kostic Cisneros



Rosa is a Dance Historian and Critic, Roma Scholar, Flamenco Historian and Peace Activist who graduated from the UW-Madison Dance Program and went on to complete her Master’s in Dance History and Criticism from UNM-Albuquerque. Rosamaria is a professional dancer, choreographer and qualified teacher, who has lived and danced in various parts of the world and collaborated with many Flamenco greats and other leaders in the Dance field. She has taught throughout Europe and the US at places like UW-Madison, UIUC, Boston Conservatory, Brown University and at various other places in Germany, Spain and Turkey. She is a dance writer who makes regular contributions to Bachtrack Magazine and Flamenco News while also dancing with Protein Dance Co. Rosamaria is involved in various EU funded projects which aims to make education accessible to vulnerable groups and ethnic minorities. She believes that dance and music are great equalisers and can be used to engage and change society, resulting in a more peaceful world.

As a researcher at Coventry University’s Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) she is inspired by interdisciplinary work and collaborative projects and modes of working. The combination of the practical and the theoretical underpins all of her research interests and is guided by bringing people together. Working with vulnerable groups and using the arts and education to engage communities and participate in projects that lead to a more inclusive society, is what I am hoping to achieve with my academic research. Cultural heritage and digital technologies is also a key part of my current practice.