Michal Bily

Michal was born in Prague in 1983. After a long period in hospital following a racist attack he came to the UK and claimed asylum. He has been living South Yorkshire since 2001 and has worked for a wide variety of organisations from factories and car washes to Rotherham District Council, the Unity Centre, Doncaster Council, Save the Children, the Metropolitan Police and Yorkshire Youth Music Service. He has been a long time Chair of the Roma Khamoro in Rotherham.

Michal has always been keen to work in an organisation that was run with and for the Roma community. He wants Roma Futures to make a mark by drawing on the skills and motivation of Roma people. What he hopes to see is an organisation that can contribute to improving the status of Roma at a national level. He is committed to raising awareness and knowledge amongst people who have little or no knowledge about the issues faced by Roma in the UK or in their countries of origin.

He sees a key element of Roma Futures work to be about earning the respect of statuary organisations and he wants Roma Futures to offer professional services linked to training, continuing proffesional development, liason with council services, the police and the NHS.

Deeply committed to and believing in the benefits of education, a top priority for Michal is that Roma Futures contributes to raising the aspirations of Roma children.