Dr. Dave Vanderhoven

Dave has a strong track record of front line service provision, management and engaged research. Some examples of his relevant experience include: setting up and running the Traveller’s Access Project in west London, supporting Irish Traveller women to speak out about life under the A40 flyover in Shepherd’s Bush for the first time; Director of a 64 bed Therapeutic Community drug rehabilitation centre and managing one of the centre’s most effective periods in its 50 year history.


For the past three years Dave has been voluntarily supporting a group of community activists with neurological needs to conduct their own research on the coincidence of head injury, mental health and homelessness. Dave is also leading and designing an initiative to support more practitioners to write for publication in the Community Development Journal of which he is an editorial board member.


Dave completed a Masters Degree in Community Development followed by a PhD. The aim of the doctoral thesis is to understand how unelected representatives can represent their communities most effectively and help community members feel more confident in the role. Subsequently, he worked on a series of research projects including three years of research on effective co-production between academics and a wide range of non-academics as well as ethnographic research with policy makers within the Department of Communities and Local Government to enhance the effectiveness of research.


Dave is now a full-time wood-turner and furniture maker.