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Thomas Acton

A lovely talk by Thomas Acton in Romanes where he speaks about the origins of the words Gypsy and Tzigane drawing on the research in Turkey of Adrian Marsh himself of Romany-Traveller origins.

Sar Gadjo, rado som te sunel jehk aver Gadjo del duma Romanes…


John Connors accepting an award for Cardboard Gangsters…

This is John Connors, accepting an award for Cardboard Gangsters.

“I can’t get an agent to represent me and no filmmakers or casting directors will look past the point that I’m a Traveller.”

Actor John Connors, who comes from the Irish traveller community, used his awards speech to highlight difficulties he has encounted in the film industry.



professional professionals

It’s not uncommon in my experience for Roma people to be highly sought-after for either their skills in, for example, gathering together focus groups or taking part in them directly. At the very minimun those people doing the gathering are often people with great professional skills, which is why they can do this. However, whilst being recognised as professional they are not, or not frequently in my experience, recompensed financially for this piece of work – yet this is clearly an example of a piece of work which provides an income and indeed at times a raison d’être for other professionals who run the projects et cetera.

This is something which Roma Futures could look into. How to develop this clear need for information, to communicate information and to gather information, into something that provides gainful employment for Roma professionals.

First Post: Halloween and Mikulas

So I’ll just write an introductory post. It’s in English I’m afraid. I’d really like other people to comment. I don’t know if I’m talking rubbish. I’ll try and include a few images although I’ve not got anything really specific that I photographed at all this year.

In our family we celebrate Halloween. I personally have never particularly enjoyed it or been interested in it having been brought up with Guy Fawkes and understood Halloween as an American importation with very powerful commercial drivers. However my children really love it. And I’ve grown to see why.

Living in an area where Roma people moved in from about 12 years ago, it was really clear that Roma children responded very well to Halloween. They really enjoyed it, went around the houses and asked for sweets and seem to know what was going on.


A birthday cake with a word on it!  2016, Sheffield

This year, the level of participation of Roma families was absolutely brilliant. The kids were dressed up fantastically accompanied by their parents, going around in groups to the houses that they knew celebrated Halloween. My partner put on a really good show which involved basically scaring everybody at the beginning by leaping out from the dark dressed as a witch. It was great.

It suddenly hit me. And it’s obvious to say. That Halloween is mapping itself onto the Mikulas celebration. There is a nominally evil character, a bad figure that frightens children. But this figure is replaced by the gift giver, the dispenser of sweets.

The ritual is recognised, known and celebrated brilliantly by everybody together.


Haloween 2015

So to finish this short post. I started to wonder what the historical connection was between the stories of St Nicholas and Chert, Halloween and all Saints Day.

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