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International Roma Day 2019

International Roma Day celebrates Roma identity: through stories of success, aspiration, language and culture.

International Roma Day - Sheffield Town Hall - 2019

Roma Futures has organised a celebration of International Roma Day to be held at Sheffield Town Hall on Monday, 8th of April between 12 and 2.

A number of local Roma community leaders and activists will be present to speak about what International Roma Day means for them and to call for the official recognition of this day.

With its origins at the first World Romani Congress , held in London in 1971, International Roma Day was officially recognised in 1990, during the Fourth World Romani Congress held in Warsaw.

The aim of this day was a call for the representation of and the recognition of the Roma Nation. It was:

A declaration of our will to convince the world to consider us as equal nation with our culture, traditions and self-confidence

Emil Scuka, President of an International Romani Union

Roma are well known for their language, music and dancing but beyond this the ambition of International Roma Day is the recognition of the circumstances of the Roma diaspora and the need to encourage the emergence of coherent representation of Roma.

Many cities and influential bodies across Europe and the world have seen in International Roma Day a forum through which cultural cohesion finds expression.

Alongside the events organised by the Firvale Community Hub on Sunday 7th April, we hope that International Roma Day 2019 in Sheffield will act as an invitation to civic authorities to confirm their commitment to Roma people by formally recognising the status of Roma as a distinct ethnic, cultural and linguistic group and maintaining their commitment to anti-gypsyism. 

We hope that you will be able to attend this event and we invite you to book your place via Eventbrite.