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International Roma Day 2019

International Roma Day celebrates Roma identity: through stories of success, aspiration, language and culture.

International Roma Day - Sheffield Town Hall - 2019

Roma Futures has organised a celebration of International Roma Day to be held at Sheffield Town Hall on Monday, 8th of April between 12 and 2.

A number of local Roma community leaders and activists will be present to speak about what International Roma Day means for them and to call for the official recognition of this day.

With its origins at the first World Romani Congress , held in London in 1971, International Roma Day was officially recognised in 1990, during the Fourth World Romani Congress held in Warsaw.

The aim of this day was a call for the representation of and the recognition of the Roma Nation. It was:

A declaration of our will to convince the world to consider us as equal nation with our culture, traditions and self-confidence

Emil Scuka, President of an International Romani Union

Roma are well known for their language, music and dancing but beyond this the ambition of International Roma Day is the recognition of the circumstances of the Roma diaspora and the need to encourage the emergence of coherent representation of Roma.

Many cities and influential bodies across Europe and the world have seen in International Roma Day a forum through which cultural cohesion finds expression.

Alongside the events organised by the Firvale Community Hub on Sunday 7th April, we hope that International Roma Day 2019 in Sheffield will act as an invitation to civic authorities to confirm their commitment to Roma people by formally recognising the status of Roma as a distinct ethnic, cultural and linguistic group and maintaining their commitment to anti-gypsyism. 

We hope that you will be able to attend this event and we invite you to book your place via Eventbrite.

International Women’s Day in Fir Vale

Terezia Rostas and other members of the local Roma community partntered in a very successful event to celebrate International Women’s Day.  The event was held at ACT (Aspriring Communities Together) which is based in the Fir Vale Centre in Sheffield.  Terezia brought her extensive collection (or at least part of it!) of traditional women’s clothes worn by the Roma community in and from Romania.  Community members from all walks of life and backgrounds came and tried on the clothes and joined in dancing.  Terezia also set up a very informative display about Roma history, culture and contemporary life.  There was much interest and alot of learning took place.

International Women’s day @ ACT 201954277816_1620538608049049_7698810632782479360_n54433540_404231776790231_126904292048109568_n55783767_800408156995409_8506156891204747264_nInternational Womens Day Roma Dancing 354230830_322031578379098_3293695219689586688_n54389067_274487453473031_4338172605413457920_nTerezia with Roma Ladies in Dress

BREXIT a vaše práva!

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Prezentácia a diskusia s právnikmi sa bude konať v utorok 27.11.18 v škole Oasis, Fir Vale v meste Sheffield od 15.30hod. Jazykovo- právnu bariéru odbúra @ConsultSlovak
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Off The Shelf festival presents – Papusza Film Screening – Monday 22nd Octoberława Wajs (1908-1987) is better known by her nickname Papusza meaning Doll and is one of the most famous of Roma poets. This Romani and Polish language film provides a powerful context though which to consider Roma history, culture and the interface with the Gadjo (non-Roma) world.

Tickets – £6/£4 (concs) – Buy advanced tickets here

Venue – Abbeydale Picture House, 387 Abbeydale Rd, S7 1FS

Off The Shelf festival presents – Romani Readings: Stopping, Moving and Writing – Monday 15th October Le Bas reads from The Stopping Places (a BBC R4 Book of the Week). The account of his journey to find of the wayside stopping places of his forebears will inform a panel discussion about literacy and narrative for Roma writers. Damian will be joined by Rosa Cisneros, a Spanish-American Gypsy dancer and academic and David Kandrac, a member of Sheffield’s Roma Slovak community.

Tickets – £6/£4 (concs) – Buy advanced tickets here

Venue – Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James’ Street, S1 2EW

Off The Shelf festival present – The Roma Enlightenment and Romani Dreams – Monday 8th October Kalinin is a celebrated Romani language poet and author, born in Belarus and resident in the UK for 25 years. He will take us on a personal, cultural and poetic journey sharing his collection of posters, books and ephemera from 1930s Russia. Embodying the promise of the ‘Roma Enlightenment’ Kalinin guides us with passionate readings from his poems Romani Dreams.

Tickets – £6/£4 (concs) – Buy advanced tickets from here

Venue – Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James’ Street, S1 2EW

Music and Song at Sheffield Hubs

Lukas Pokuta; Dominik Pacan, Stefan Pecha & Erik Pacan performed a medley of Romani songs alongside Robin Grey at the Sheffield Youth music event at Yellow Arch studios on Sunday 8th July.


The boys were welcomed to the event and took the chance to sing with Robin accompanying them on guitar. The organisers of Sheffield music services were delighted to hear the songs and meet the boys. Plenty of applause and a photo with Sheffield Magic Magid, the Lord Mayor.

Well done everybody involved.