Greentop’s CircUs! neighbourhood project

Greentop Community Circus based in Grimesthorpe, Sheffield, have worked with the Roma community for several years now offering places for local children in their classes.  Terezia Rostas has been instumental in supporting this work.

Terezia: The community and all the team are very sad that the “CircUs” project came to an end after 18 months.  Greentop circus is applying for more funding for the project to continue, probably from September.  The feedback of the children and of the parents was 100% positive and all children have said that they are looking forward to coming back to the circus.  Terezia: Why is that? Because circus makes them feel fitter, stronger and more confident.

Here is the link to a video the brilliant Flycheese made of Greentop’s CircUs! neighbourhood project. All part of the Circus250 celebrations.


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